In Vitro Fertilization & Gestation

The Firm provides comprehensive legal services to validate births resulting from specialized medical procedures such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). The medical procedures allow couples to conceive by means of implanting a fertilized embryo into the uterus of a carrier who contractually agrees to carry the developing fetus through the pregnancy process to term.

The Texas Legislature has adopted specialized procedures and requirements which must be followed to legally authorize the birth of the child and recognize the rights of the biological parents. Legal services include legal counseling, drafting of the gestational agreement between the biological parents and gestational carrier, filing of the Court Petition to Validate Gestational Agreement, attendance of court hearing, and closing documents to conclude the process.

It is essential that couples obtain legal advice once the IVF gestational process has commenced as the requirements are time sensitive and strict. Failure to abide by the legal process can cause unnecessary legal complications.

The Firm is actively involved in this practice area and very much enjoys assisting couples in the IVF gestational process.