Mr. Sherwood

is an integral part of our Chapter 11 bankruptcy practice group. With over 18 years of experience as top executive for an array of Texas businesses, he provides our bankruptcy attorneys with the financial analysis and support to determine whether a proposed Chapter 11 Plan can meet feasibility requirements under Section 1129 of the bankruptcy code and other assistance. This capability distinguishes our Firm from many other attorneys who fail to anticipate the stringent feasibility requirements under the bankruptcy code which could result in the denial of confirmation after substantial dollars have been spent by the client. Our goal is to formulate the plan from inception and determine whether the proposed class configurations and debt restructure will lead to successful confirmation. Mr. Sherwood has served as the President/CEO, VP, Director as well as other management/leadership positions throughout Texas and brings core strengths including revenue management, profit adjustment, market growth product development, new product launch and strategy, cost performance and improvement, and alliances and legislative initiatives. He attended Texas Tech University – Computer Science – and Northern Virginia Community College – Management & Information Systems.