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Future Opportunities

This is really a portal to the Future which is one of my passions as the Founder of Moster Craft. The world of business and technology will be UNRECOGNIZABLE by 2030 and beyond. All of this presents great opportunities and risks to our clients who need to preplan or may go the way of blacksmiths and dinosaurs.

We have lots of ideas on new business concepts which is unusual for a Law Firm, but that has never stopped us!

At Moster Craft, we are all about future opportunities for our clients.  This is not simply a philosophy but the painstaking work and commitment of our Founder, Charles Moster, who is a renowned Futurist and author of over 10 books – his latest – Future 2050 – 12 Visions of the Time Ahead.

In this section, we will post the pertinent articles and videos featured in the Moster Craft monthly magazine, Future2050 of interest to our clients.  Get a head start on what the world of 2050 will look like.  We are ready to take you there.

Future Of Space Colonization

Future Of Technology & The Economy Of The Future

The Future of Computers – AI, Wetware, and Quantum Computers

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