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Welcome to our Bookstore featuring a unique selection of books on Science, Technology, History, and the Future!

Peruse recent works by Charles Moster and recommended authors on a range of fascinating subjects including Time Travel, Physics, Astronomy, Space Travel, Computer Science, Political Science, and the Law.

Editor’s Choice: An American Devotional & The Sunset of George Washington by Scott Brown.

Scott Campbell Brown holds a Ph.D. in demography from the University of Pennsylvania.  He was a researcher at Gallaudet University and the US Department of Education and has served as a consultant to the United Nations and the International Labour Organization.  His research has led to awards from the National Institutes of Health and the AARP Andrus Foundation.  He is the author of The Saga of the Four Kings, An American Devotional, The Sunset of George Washington, and Migrants and Workers in Philadelphia.  Scott is married and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.

An American Devotional:

From the Voices of Our Founding Mothers and Fathers

By: Scott Campbell Brown

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” These words from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address are the foundation for this short book to deepen your understanding of our American heritage.

Consider these first words of the Gettysburg Address. For many, they comprise a mere introduction to the famous speech by Abraham Lincoln. Yet, taken on their own, they have a profound meaning. They speak to the actions and sacrifices of the Founding Mothers and Fathers, based on the concepts of Liberty and Equality. In this one sentence, Lincoln demonstrates the inspiring wisdom and humanity of our Founders.

The Sunset of George Washington:

A Drama In Two Acts

By: Scott Campbell Brown

Leaving the Presidency, the Father of Our Country looks forward to a peaceful retirement at his Mount Vernon home. His retirement is anything but tranquil. Runaway slaves and rotting teeth plague him and his beloved wife, Martha; let alone plots against him by Vice-President Thomas Jefferson. If this is not enough, he finds himself drawn into issues regarding a potential war with France! Follow the hero of the Revolutionary War and our nation’s first President, as he confronts his troubles and returns as the General of our armed forces while, at the same time, becoming our country’s first great political boss to oppose the schemes of Jefferson. Amidst all this, you will marvel at a love story of two people in the dusk of life and the final great action of George Washington.

Curated List:

So Far:

Second Release Of Major New Work

By: Charles Moster

Futurist, author, and attorney Charles Moster provides an accelerated chronicle of his life and the world “So Far”. Given world events and a sense that a nuclear war could break out at any time, he felt an urgency to get his message of humanity and hope out now and not wait until the end of the year. Thus, the title “So Far”. We have all traveled “So Far” and hopefully the adventure will continue for all of us.


12 Visions of the Time Ahead

By: Charles Moster

Behold – 12 Crisp and Detailed Portraits of the Future — some exhilarating and others frightening. Bio-Computers based on harvested neurons will exhibit consciousness by 2050 and remake humankind in their own image. How about living for hundreds of years, time travel, and sexual encounters off any conceivable chart. Forgot to mention that the winners live in settlements known as Corporate City States and everyone else in squalor, chaos, and conflict. Welcome to the Year 2050. Take an amazing and detailed journey to the Year 2050 in this unique work by Futurist Charles Moster.

Teilhard’s Arrow:

An Original Theory of Everything

By: Charles Moster

Did life on Earth emerge entirely by chance as advanced by Charles Darwin or was there a miraculous process involved that can be verified scientifically? Author, Charles Moster, seeks to answer this age-old question by examining the latest developments in science. His “Original Theory of Everything” formulates a new paradigm which he calls “Intelligent Process” versus the standard “Intelligent Design”. Can the existence of God be established logically and reconciled with the latest developments in Biology, Genetics, Cosmology, Physics, and Artificial Intelligence? Can this same process be employed to prove the existence of Evil and what about the prospects of building a fully conscious computer? Come explore these fascinating questions and reach your own conclusions.

Midnight at Mount Vernon:

The Cyber Surrender of the United States of America

By: Charles Moster

Author, Technologist, and IP Attorney, Charles Moster, argues that the above nightmare is not science fiction but reality. The Cyber Surrender of the U.S. is just years away and spearheaded by our adversaries who are spending billions to develop new computer technologies based on quantum and organically cultured neurons, paralyzing our financial and military systems in seconds, leaving all of us defenseless against a nuclear attack. The scientific and political discussion which follows is fascinating. Find out about this largely unknown risk and how we might still be able to stop it.

Project Principia:

A New Proposal for the Commercial Development and Colonization of Space

By: Charles Moster

Why are we still launching spacecraft into Earth orbit in 2020 and what happened to our Apollo era dreams of achieving space colonization before the dawn of the 21st Century? This essay explains what happened and presents a novel proposal to rapidly develop the capability to launch commercial interplanetary space ventures for resource mining, colonization, and exploration of the Solar System and beyond.

Notes to Our Daughter

By: Charles Moster

I almost died on May 5, 2019. My wife, two-year-old daughter, and I were on a flight to Cleveland, Ohio in hopes of being admitted to the Cleveland Clinic, the top cardiac surgery center in the world. I had never been previously admitted to a hospital and was now facing the grim reaper and the horrific reality that my daughter would grow up without knowing her 64-year-old Dad. I almost coded on the airplane and scared my wife when I informed her that I could not walk out of the plane to the baggage claim. The facts of my grave illness are not the subject of this essay but I contracted a blood and heart infection known as endocarditis. In a very short time, my chest would be cracked open and my fate assigned to surgeons and principally a heart and lung machine. Thanks to the brilliant and compassionate surgeons and docs at Cleveland Clinic, I am alive to tell the tale. That said, given the grueling recovery, I would never wish this on my worst enemy (perhaps). All of this necessarily got me thinking about leaving my daughter behind without an instruction manual. It may be that most parents in their relatively early chronological years do not dwell on the necessity of an instruction manual for their kids given the urgency of all things critical and temporary which seem to fill our early post–marital–building career and wealth concerns. However, my perspective was very different. “Notes to Our Daughter” is my attempt to distill my life experiences down to a few pages with the critical information, history, and lessons I want to share with my daughter. I hope that this narrative is meaningful for parents everywhere and at any age.

Hypatia Shows Us The Year 2050:

A Kids’ Guide to the Future & Companion Essays for the Young at Heart

By: Charles Moster

In this continuation of the story, Hypatia takes our children circa 2021 (or thereabouts) into the world of the future as it will likely be in 2050. Her library which existed in the 4th Century in Alexandria serves as the faux time machine transporting our kids through special doors into the future in key areas including space colonization and commercial development of asteroids, manufacture of androids which exhibit intelligence greater than us and are employed everywhere in the workplace, use of cloning to produce duplicates of our organs and selves capable of achieving immortality, an invention of devices which can actually travel forward and backward in time, and what our environment will be like 29 years hence if global warming is for real. (It is).

The Golden Mile:

The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty

By: Charles Moster

It is not widely known that Bayer AG, manufactured and heavily promoted the use of Zyklon B which was used by Hitler during WW-2 to exterminate over 6 Million Jews including women and children. You can add a few other American Corporations to this ghoulish list of crimes. Lawyer and Author, Charles Moster, considers whether Bayer and other corporations should be held liable for Murder given the egregious nature of their crimes. As you cannot execute an artificial entity, the analog of the death penalty would be to force the involuntary dissolution of the subject corporations and to seize their assets as compensation for the families of surviving victims. Mr. Moster presents a “how-to book” on how to make criminal corporations pay the ultimate price.

8 Original Musicals

By: Charles Moster

This is a compilation of my best original musicals since 2006 including the books, music, and lyrics. Most of these shows have been produced for radio or the stage and can be accessed online along with the music. Although I would like to see the works performed, my singular goal is to memorialize the plays for my four-year-old who already seems to have a theatrical disposition that has genetic roots.

Hypatia Shows Us Her Library:

A KIDS guide to Science & Nature

By: Charles Moster

This is a book for KIDS about nature and science with an emphasis on biology, astronomy, paleontology, computer science, oceanography, and physics. The target group is for kids so expect the discussion to be comprehensible and, hopefully, written in a way that inspires curiosity and further exploration. Kids will be introduced to complex issues and some of the most fascinating questions in science and nature such as whether there is life on other planets and how the universe might end, whether computers can become conscious and pass the “Turing Test”, and whether achieving immortality is possible or even a good idea. This book is intended to be unique.

Hypatia Travels In Time

By: Charles Moster

As a parent, I can attest to the lack of creative books out there which are not about some stupid frog or replication of Disney mediocrity now pushing over a century. That’s why I wrote, “Hypatia Travels in Time” which introduces Kids to the concept of Time as theorized by Albert Einstein and whether Time Travel is possible. The book is written from the perspective of Hypatia, a renowned female mathematician from the 5th Century who serves as a superb role model for young girls and boys, of course! Our daughters (and sons) need to learn early on that they can fully actualize their potential. I am hoping that “Hypatia Travels in Time”, the first in a series of Children’s books, will illuminate the developmental path.

The Six Pillars of the New American Partnership

By: Charles Moster

When the Founders wrote the Constitution in 1787, they did not have a contemporary democracy or republic to use as an example. They set out to formulate their theories from scratch which were published in the Federalist Papers. So how did their theories and assumptions play out? Fortunately, we have the benefit of 20/20 Historical Hindsight to see what worked and what missed the mark. In this fascinating inquiry, Charles Moster identifies the five main things which went wrong and propose as his Sixth Pillar – a new Constitution and new government to address the problems – the New American Partnership.

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