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Business Startup Bootcamp – The Three Legal Keys To Success

Business Law

Effective legal advice depends on the breadth of experience of the legal team and the ability to scale up or down based on the client requirements.

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Understanding the clients’ business model, not just the legal issues.

What that means is the law firm’s awareness of the clients’ business model, not just the application of legal skills in a vacuum.  Many firms will simply slap on a legal recommendation from an academic understanding of the legal problem confronting a particular client and his/her business.  For example, a restaurant may be having difficulty renegotiating a lease extension with the landlord or perhaps a problematic employee like a sushi chef.  Mr. Moster has been representing restaurant clients since 1990 where he successfully counseled a now world-famous Italian Restaurant, Filomena’s Ristorante in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. in its life or death lease negotiations.  He assisted this gem in the restaurant industry over decades which is now among the top ten restaurants in the world and a frequent contributor on the Food Network.  You can count on Mr. Moster and the Moster Law Firm to bring this experience to bear in its representation of restaurant clients in Texas.

Regarding sushi chefs, many people outside the restaurant industry fail to recognize that restaurants have issues relating to their cuisine and employees surrounding that product.  For example, Japanese restaurant owners encounter unique challenges with sushi chefs who are quite demanding from an employee perspective since they are in short supply.  Mr. Moster has dealt with a bevy of issues in this arena and stands ready to serve.

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Scale Up or Down

What this means is that businesses confront many of the same legal issues whether they make under 100K per year or over 10 Million or more.  However, the available resources for legal resources differ widely based on revenue.  The law firm must be able to provide solutions but at an appropriate level both in application and cost to the respective client large and small.  As an example, a small trucking company may need advice on a variety of issues including entity structure and contracts with drivers, particularly if it is starting for the first time as a trucking business.  The Moster Law Firm can provide startup services ranging in all of the important issues including entity set up as an LLC or Corporation, contracts, and branding (trademarks) for an extremely affordable fee.  Conversely, a larger company – for example, a 20 Million Technology company may require complex corporate advice, IP protection of software, and guidance on protecting business trade secrets.  The Moster Law Firm would be able to scale up to more complex legal services as required and expected.

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Breadth of Experience

This is a critical factor in hiring a law firm.  Does the potential attorney have specific experience having represented your industry itself whether we are talking about technology/software companies, restaurants, trucking companies, oil and gas ventures, retail sales, online sales, service industries, industrial, medical, or other companies doing business in Texas?  Look no further than the Moster Law Firm for the requisite breadth of experience to tackle your business challenge.

The Moster Law Firm, Business, Law, Lawyer, Attorneys

Service Areas

The Moster Law Firm offers advice in a myriad of business law issues including:

Business Formation – The Moster Law Firm advises clients regarding the selection of proper business entities including corporations, limited liability companies, professional corporations, and limited partnerships, among others. We also draft and file the documentation with the Secretary of State in Austin and the county, as required.

Business Governance – The Firm advises clients regarding agreements to formalize the relationship/rights between partners, investors, and other parties. Additionally, we draft shareholder/operating agreements, limited partnership agreements, and specific clauses for buy/sell arrangements, non-competes, among other areas of concern.

Contracts and other Agreements – The Firm drafts/reviews agreements for business operations including vendor contracts, employee agreements/handbooks, Non-disclosure Agreements, and Independent Contractor Agreements, among other documents.

Intellectual Property Services – The Firm counsels clients on protecting their brand through trademarks, copyrights, and patent protection. This is a critical area often overlooked by businesses.

Additional Services – Real Estate, asset purchase and sales, due diligence, voluntary debt restructuring, negotiations with lenders.

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