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Construction Law

This is one of the frustrating areas for our clients who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their dream home which turns into a nightmare because of construction defects by home builders.  You never see it all, but we have experienced (through the eyes of our customers) defective foundations, failure to put in reinforcing steel as required by State and County Law, failure to follow building plans, rooms with the wrong specifications, leakage of dangerous materials, collapsing foundations and ceilings, uncompacted soil, broken sprinkler, etc.  And the list goes on. 

What comes next requires an experienced attorney that handles construction law.  This has been our concentration for many years and we understand the specific requirement of state law under what is known as the RCLA or Residential Construction Liability Act.  This must be filed exactly or homeowners will be limited on what they can recover.  Feel comfortable that we can guide you through the process of recovery from beginning to end.

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