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Blueprint for Startups and Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses have special needs during their initial years of operation. These companies benefit from a precise legal blueprint to sustain operations, provide the foundation for growth, and better confront the challenges of the future.

A Legal Blueprint for Startups & Small Businesses

In our experience, many law firms are not equipped to deal with the special legal needs and concerns of startups and small businesses. Although there are numerous law firms that can provide discrete services such as drafting a contract or forming a corporation, most lack the ability to offer smaller clients a comprehensive plan or blueprint which prioritizes the critical legal services recommended during the early stages of development AND at an affordable price.

The legal services essential to first-year startup challenges depend upon the specific business operations which are being undertaken. For example, a construction startup would have very different legal issues to address than a restaurant or e-commerce chat room, or retail business. Awareness of these differences is essential as it suggests the type of entity to be created (Corporation or LLC or Limited Partnership, etc.), underlying contracts to better protect the business owners with respect to independent contractors and employees, and whether preliminary intellectual property services are necessary such as registering a trademark, copywriting original material, or safeguarding trade secrets like software or recipes.

Having represented a wide range of specific businesses over many years, Mr. Moster can recommend a Legal Blueprint that works best for your startup or small business. Rest assured that only the critical legal services which are needed will be prioritized and recommended. This is extremely important because capital is in short supply for startups and small businesses. It is this concern that often steers businesses owners away from attorneys at a time when they need legal advice the most.

What to Expect?

Mr. Moster provides a complimentary one-hour consultation with all prospective clients. At this meeting, Mr. Moster will take the time to meet you, understand your business plan and goals, and the specific challenges at hand. In this same meeting, he will then formulate a Business Blueprint tailored specifically for your business which not only prioritizes the legal services that might be required but provides a flat rate for fees. The hourly attorney rate is almost always problematic for startups and small businesses as legal costs cannot be anticipated or controlled. We will always tell you in advance what services – if any – are suggested and what the total costs will be. That way you can make the appropriate business decision as to whether a proposed course of action makes sense. That’s how it works for all other businesses so why not law firms?

The next step is to simply CONTACT the Firm and schedule a complimentary consultation with Mr. Moster. It’s that simple.

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