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The Moster Law Firm provides comprehensive litigation services to businesses and individuals in a wide range of litigation areas for both plaintiffs and defendants. We have the top rating of any law firm in Texas with an AV Preeminent ranking from Martindale Hubbell based on an independent review from clients, our peers, and the judiciary. Unlike many of the other attorney rankings which are “paid for” and misleading, to potential clients, the Martindale Hubbell rating has been earned for over 130 Years.

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Independently Reviewing Attorney Performance for over 130 Years.

Moster Law Litigation is known for its aggressive, smart, and creative representation. As detailed below, we are hired to provide discrete services in an array of litigation areas including state court litigation, federal court litigation, and administrative litigation. Our litigation practice is throughout the entire State of Texas and Nationwide.

Litigation Overview

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The Texas Supreme Court

The key to our litigation practice is to provide clients with a common-sense understanding of the litigation dispute and our recommended strategy to achieve the goal along with a litigation probability assessment and litigation cost estimate. This level of attention and disclosure among litigation attorneys is rare and we are proud to offer this information to our prospective clients.

The Moster Law Firm is retained by companies large and small to deal with the full spectrum of litigation issues that unfortunately arise during the course of business. Whether you find yourself or business on the plaintiff or defense side of the aisle, we are prepared to offer aggressive litigation representation. Our litigation practice group assists in a wide array of litigation areas including enforcement and breach of contract litigation, fraud litigation, misrepresentation litigation, injunction litigation, negligence litigation, defamation litigation, defense of government and administrative litigation, employment litigation, causes inequity, and partnership litigation, among others.

Most litigation involves a dispute regarding the interpretation and enforcement of a contract. The Firm is actively engaged by businesses to defend and prosecute these actions whether in state or federal court. Our job is to cut through the legalese and give our clients practical litigation advice as to the claims or defenses at their disposal and to provide a straightforward assessment as to the probability of success and cost to get there. The cost-benefit of litigation is critical to business judgment and decision-making when considering litigation options.

The Firm has been retained by oil companies and other ventures concerning oil and gas litigation, royalty litigation, and a myriad of disputes at all levels from the production process to distribution. Additional information is provided under our Energy practice areas and covers the major sectors areas of Oil & Gas, Wind Power, Solar, and Hydrogen.

The Moster Law Firm represents parties concerning disputes that arise between the owners of the company, partners, shareholders, directors, and other entities. Our litigation experience in this area is extensive and we have been retained to bring suit on behalf of partners and others concerning a myriad of issues including breach of fiduciary duty litigation, self-dealing litigation, violations of duty of loyalty litigation, usurpation of corporate opportunity litigation, and other causes. We have also been hired to represent minority and majority shareholders and to bring actions based on shareholder oppression litigation, derivative action litigation, and expulsion of shareholders and members.

The Moster Law Firm is actively involved in defending and prosecuting litigation based on fraud and misrepresentation. Fraud litigation can arise within the context of business transactions, partnership disputes, client disputes, and employee issues. Whether we are on the litigation defense or prosecution of these actions, we have the litigation experience and aggressive orientation to vigorously represent our clients’ interests. When required, we work closely with the Firm’s forensic accountant to prove the existence of the fraudulent act which is typically disguised by the perpetrator.

The Firm represents both builders and buyers concerning disputes relating to residential and commercial construction litigation. This is a highly specialized area and involves hands-on knowledge of the state law including the TRCA, the Texas Residential Construction Act. We have dealt with issues relating to defects in construction litigation, breach of warranty claims and litigation, implied breach of warranty of habitability litigation, and other causes.

The Firm has been retained to bring suit against foreign corporations and has expertise in that area. This is a complicated area of litigation that involves the knowledge and application of international treaties which affect the rights of our clients. These actions are brought or defended in federal courts across the country.

We represent businesses and not employees so you know our focus upfront. Litigation in this area is multifaceted and relates to a wide variety of areas including breach of covenants not to compete, misappropriation of trade secrets and unauthorized disclosure, defense of TWC complaints, defense of EEOC complaints, and other causes. We are thus actively involved in TWC litigation, EEOC litigation, and administrative litigation which directly affects our clients.
The Firm has been engaged by clients in the area of trade secret litigation from both the defense and prosecutorial standpoints. This area of law has experienced substantial changes in the past two years with the codification of the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act or (TUTSA). The Firm has filed and defended litigation actions under TUTSA and has obtained affirmative relief for our clients including injunctions. Critically, this area of litigation intersects the practice of technology law including internet litigation and cyber litigation. We stand ready to provide litigation assistance in all areas for our clients whether in Texas state court, Federal Court, or out of state.

This is a specialized area of litigation surrounding all aspects of technology and business litigation including online contract litigation, theft of intellectual property litigation, cyber-sabotage litigation, license dispute litigation, royalty litigation, and claims brought or defended under state and federal law.

The Firm is routinely hired to issue Cease & Desist Letters to enforce trademarks and to file litigation in Federal Court to enforce or defend against same. We are actively involved with the Patent Trademark Office in responding to Office Actions and appeals before the TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board). Our trademark litigation practice is diverse and user-friendly.

We have also represented clients in matters before the Texas State Securities Board, the Texas State Attorney General, and other agencies at both the State and Federal Level. We have also represented clients before county instrumentalities including zoning boards.

The Moster Law Firm serves the Austin, Dallas, Houston, Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa & Abilene Texas areas with physical offices in each location. Don’t confuse virtual offices for the real thing!

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