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Texas Energy

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Texas Energy is the National Leader

Whether we are talking Oil & Gas, Wind, Solar, or Hydrogen, all roads lead to Texas. Although Texas is known for its Petroleum and Natural Gas stockpiles and development, it has taken the lead in developing alternative sources of Energy. Existing Oil Companies are repurposing operations in new areas along with an array of rising stars and entrepreneurs who have entered the alternative energy arena.

Let’s start first with oil and gas and their importance to the state of Texas. A good way to think about this amazing natural resource is to think about that excellent quotation from the late great Lyndon Johnson who famously stated, “dance with the one who brung ya.” Although we certainly understand and appreciate the focus on alternative areas of energy development, the oil industry is critical to not only the Texas economy but nationwide and must be supported.

Lyndon B Johnson, Moster Craft, Texas Energy

Towards that end, our firm is equipped to provide a myriad of services in all areas which affect the oil and gas industry whether we are representing oil and gas producers, suppliers, ancillary industries such as transportation, pipeline providers, and others. In this arena, you want to find an experienced and substantial firm able to perform outstanding service on short notice. This is also important because oil and gas require sophistication in an area of the law subject to frequent change by the courts, state legislature, and even the federal government. Feel confident that our firm has the sufficient breadth of experience to help and in diversified categories including real estate, subsurface rights, and usage, drilling agreements, leasehold rights, and related areas. Critically, the firm has the ability to integrate multiple disciplines including intellectual property, regulatory law, and litigation. The point is that Texas oil is serious business, and you need to find a serious law firm to stand with.

We are also proud of our experience in alternative areas of energy including solar, hydrogen, and wind. Notwithstanding the importance of the oil and gas industry, Texas has been a leader in the development of these critical alternative energy resources. Whether you’re looking at investing in wind energy, solar, or hydrogen, we are ready to hit the ground running and provide the critical advice and support that you need to be successful. These areas are complex and can be daunting if you are a first-timer or even have substantial experience. We enjoy guiding our clients through the process so that they can achieve their business and economic objectives.

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