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Our Business Practice
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The Moster Law Firm is known for its representation of businesses large and small in multiple areas including service and retail industries, energy, hospitality, technology, trucking, medical practices for doctors and nurses, and many more. What all these clients have in common is a need for fast answers to ongoing questions relating to entity formation, contracts, client disputes, and even conflict between partners. With over 34 years of small and large town experience in Texas and in large urban areas including Austin, Houston, and Dallas, we are here to help.

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Our Energy Practice
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Texas is the World Leader in the production of Energy whether we are talking about Oil & Gas or alternative sources including natural gas, wind power, hydrogen, and solar power. The innovation and economic prowess of our entrepreneurs is as unlimited as the Big Texas Sky. At Moster Law Energy we stand ready to guide you through the new opportunities in Energy development and production.

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Our Hospitality Practice
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Mr. Moster has represented restaurants, hotels, and flags since 1990 and has dealt with a myriad of issues including startup, liquor licensing, expansion, acquisition, franchising, and response to economic slowdowns and emergencies. He is proud of his representation of Filomena Ristorante in the Georgetown area of Washington in 1990 ...

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Estate Planning Services
“Clients need desperately to see the forest for the trees. We are here to lay out your options whether your assets are simple or complex. The pieces need to fit together in way that protects your assets and legacy.”....


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Our Technology Group
Technology is experiencing a massive transformation over the next ten years resulting in the emergence of new computer hardware/software capable of emulating human level intelligence. We have developed a unique practice area to assist our High Tech and AI clients called the Turing Technology Group™ to protect client IP. ...


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Fixing Broken Connections
Unfortunately, conflict is often a cost of doing business, particularly in competitive markets or the realm of emerging technologies. Conflict can occur within the organization itself on the employee or management level or from an external source in a myriad of circumstances including misappropriation of intellectual property, breach of contract, fraud, disparagement, and other flashpoints. Clients can find themselves in the role as Plaintiff, Defendant, Intervenor, or Appellant/Appellee. Courts and venues are as varied as our clients ...

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Presentation by Charles Moster, Esq.

Congratulations to our Litigation Team for their $1.08 Million Jury Verdict in Midland Federal Court yesterday – June 3, 2021. Victorious on our Breach of Contract, Conversion, and Malice claims! Special thanks to Kim Atwell, Brandon Schuelke, and Shari Sellers for their fabulous work.

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