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Hospitality/Hotels Practice Area

Mr. Moster has represented hospitality (hotel) franchises/chains and hotel/motel operations across the country. This industry is also an area that is best handled by attorneys who have direct experience in the actual business along with experience in the legal area. Challenges often involve compliance with franchise agreements, organizational/governance issues relating to the partnership agreements of the investors and management, landlord disputes, employment issues, TABC, and other flashpoints with arise.

Restaurant Practice Area

This is headed by our Founder, Charles Moster, who has been representing restaurants and bars since 1990. In our view, a successful Restaurant Practice requires that the lawyer have extensive experience in the business of restaurant operations and management. Although the restaurant area can be lucrative and rewarding, the path to success often presents a myriad of challenges including employment, menu selection/cost-effectiveness, management, alcohol sales/TABC, and physical plant, among others. Mr. Moster and the Firm have substantial experience in all of these areas and look forward to representing our clients.

Contact any of our law offices in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, Wichita Falls, and Abilene for more information on our Hospitality Practice.

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