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“We are a platform of lawyers, technologists, and futurists with the singular goal of creating AI which will pass the Turing Test.”

          Futurists including Ray Kurzweil and our own Founder, Charles Moster, have written extensively on the transformation of existing AI technology which will alter almost every aspect of our economic and social life by the end of this decade. Computer scientists, programmers, and entrepreneurs are utilizing new and existing hardware and software to perform cognitive functions equivalent to the human brain.  When these systems are ultimately rolled out, they will replace many of the positions held by lower-level personnel, middle management, and even professionals.  Every echelon of our supply, distribution, and sales channels will be altered as advanced AI becomes the dominant economic and informational force in the United States and abroad.  Ultimately, these systems will be capable of passing the Turing Test which has thus far evaded digitally based technologies.  Whether these systems will be based on digital computers, quantum, or even biological systems known as “wetware” is yet to be determined.

          Our Firm’s Turing Technology Group ™ was created to provide the legal, business, and creative infrastructure to engender this new AI technology development.  The ability to serve this distinct market requires experience and knowledge in discrete and interrelated areas typically unavailable at law firms that are not geared toward innovation and creativity.  That’s what we are known for.

Turing Technology Group, Moster Craft


          The Turing Technology Group ™ is set up to rapidly evaluate the IP protection necessary to safeguard our clients’ inventions whether hardware, software, or even wetware from attack by third parties seeking to misappropriate the new technology.  We are ready to protect and implement whether the solution requires an accelerated provisional patent, utility patent, or copyright protection.


          Critically, the loss of control by the creators of the technology often occurs during the early formation stage of the entity, partner configurations, and mistakes made during the fundraising process.  The Turning Technology Group ™ will recommend the entity structure best suited to meet the goals of emerging technology ventures.


         Our team will advise on the best legal solutions to roll out the new technology through licensing and distribution channels.  The decisions made at this juncture will often determine whether the venture is financially successful and generates an ROI.


         The rollout is just the beginning.  Our clients need to anticipate rapid growth and expansion of their technology.  With growth comes organizational and legal challenges to ensure market expansion, continued protection of the IP as it evolves, and competitor challenges.


Charles Moster

Charles Moster is a Georgetown University graduate and an AV-rated lawyer with 36 years of experience in commercial and IP law.  He has represented top scientists in the field and written extensively in the area of evolving computer technologies, physics, and space colonization.  His recent non-fiction book, Future2050 – 12 Visions Of The Time Ahead, discusses the race to build the first conscious computer which can pass the Turing Test and the paradigmatic shifts which will occur in technology, society, and even world domination.

Charles is the author of 9 books and the editor of the e-magazine, He is also an award-winning playwright, composer, and journalist.

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