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Client Reviews

Reviews to Remember

This new section features legal services which had a huge impact
on our clients and their very ability to survive in business. There is no
greater measure of accomplishment than to receive personal
commendations for a job exceptionally well done.

Client: Filomena Ristorante – Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Filomena’s opened its door in 1983 in the historic section of
Georgetown in Washington, D.C. It just celebrated its 40-year
anniversary with congratulations from guests across the world including
Presidents Joe Biden, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. Notably,
Filomena’s does not cater to any particular political affiliation – just
incredible Italian cuisine! Filomena Ristorante is considered to be one
of the top five Italian restaurants in the world and has been featured in
the media including the Food Network.

However, success does not always come without challenges. In
1991, the restaurant was facing grave challenges which threatened its
very existence, and it appeared that Filomena’s would have to close its
doors forever. Fortunately, a relatively young Washington attorney
who enjoyed challenges, picked up the legal gauntlet. The client review
below tells the story of what became the “Wonderful Life” of this now
famous Washington tradition. That said, such an adventure might have
been extinguished back in 1991 but for the creative and aggressive legal
work of a young attorney – Charles Moster.

Posted on 01/24/12

For over 20 years Charles Moster has represented our interest in various business and legal transactions with exceptional effectiveness and professionalism. I say for over 20 years ago for if it were not for Mr. Moster we would not still be in business today. Where other attorneys didn’t give us chance of succeeding, Mr. Moster took on our case and skillfully negotiated, litigated and succeeded in keeping our business alive and to this day one of the most prosperous in our industry.

Michael Chiacchieri
Filomena Ristorante

Posted: 06/07/23

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for assigning Jacques to our case.

Over the time I worked with Jacques I appreciated the fact that he was always responsive, was well prepared, skilled at litigation, and just simply knew his stuff. While Jacques is a great litigator, he is an amazing person. What impressed me the most was that he cared. Care is something you can’t put a price tag on and something that can’t be manufactured. Jacques was willing to fight for me and did so with the mediator, judge and opposing counsel. I loved that when the mediator said something Jacques disagreed with he didn’t stay silent.

When the heart is in the fight you can tell it. Also rest assured, because of the care if I ever need legal help in Texas I’ll be back.”

Eric Bahme
President, MBE Hospitality

Posted: 03/24/23

“People were nice and helpful. Understood the situation I was in and settled the situation quickly I am pleased with the outcome.”

Charles Nesbitt
Silsbee, Texas

Posted: 03/23/23

Mr. Moster is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients. I would recommend their services to anyone seeking council!

TheFlippin Barnetts
Midland, Texas

Posted: 5/04/22

It was very nice working with the firm. Communication was very easy, I felt like the team took time to listen to me and work the way I wanted, tough and aggressive but considerate and understanding. The whole process was very effective. Their billing is also very clear and transparent so you know exactly what you’re being billed for. Miguel the paralegal I worked with was amazing. He was the one who did everything on this case from beginning to end! He was always available and I could reach him easily any time, very responsive. He pretty much ran this case all the way. I don’t think things would have gone the same way without someone like him handling my case! He is a tremendous asset!!!

Lubbock, Texas

Posted: 4/29/22

I give 5 Star Rating the staff is carrying and my experience was all positive. Attorney Kimberly Atwell is the most experienced and she truly passionate about her clients, she always gets back in touch with her clients, always has your back, and very professional. She has an amazing boss Attorney Mr.Moster he also, will help with any problem and will work with you.
Finally a Law Firm that truly cares for their clients.

Kimberly Hinson
Lubbock, Texas

Posted: 3/09/21

Came to Charles with some legal questions. He and his team did a great job of taking care of me. Absolutely worth every penny. Very professional and very knowledgeable!

Stephen Sedia
Austin, Texas

Posted: 11/28/19

Intellectual Property

So much accessible.

Tonya Howard
Midland, Texas

Posted: 2/23/19

Business Law

Having worked with law firms throughout the State of Texas for the last 30 years, I can wholeheartedly say that the Moster Law Firm has been in a class by itself in the seven years that we have been using their services. Why? An attorney’s understanding of the business context that the legal issues exists in is a critical need for me. All of the attorneys in this firm have demonstrated that understanding. Being able to respond quickly with follow-through is another virtue. Some firms we have used in the past have not been consistent in that regard. The Moster Law Firm’s attorneys have been sterling.

Steven Miller
Midland, Texas

Posted: 2/05/19


Mr. Moster personally goes out of his way to assist our school and homeschool students and graduates throughout our state without hesitation; eventhough we are a small nonprofit, 501C, nontraditional secondary school. We are truly blessed to have him fighting for our values and rights.

Dr. Shawn Clark – Texas Alternative Home School
Midland, Texas

Posted: 1/22/19

The user didn’t write a review, and has left just a rating.

Tim Welch
Midland, Texas

Posted: 1/7/19

We highly recommend the Moster Law Firm and give their staff 5 stars!!! They always go above and beyond for their clients!! Thank you Charles and his team!!

Mousey Rodriquez
Midland, Texas

Posted: 12/13/18

Construction (Roofing)

Mr. Moster is an EXCELLENT attorney. I know from Experience. He and his assistant Jessica took care of me step by step. Hands down HE IS THE BEST!!!! He also takes care of you when you call up there he calls right back or he’ll talk to you right then an there. From a few months back till the day I die this Man I know will take care of Me and my business. Thank you Moster.!!!!

#1 Top Boss Roofing
Midland, Texas

Posted: 11/13/18


I just started a new restaurant in Lubbock and decided to hire Charles Moster and the Moster Law Firm to handle all of the contracts. Charles worked quickly and found serval discrepancies in the lease contract form what was previously agreed upon in the LOI. He was very thorough and looked out for our best interest. He and his team are very professional as well as easy to talk to. I will definitely be using him again in future projects.

Lubbock, Texas

Posted: 10/01/18

Business Law

The best law firm I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else protecting my business. When I have a problem Charles never disappoints and is very quick with results.

Kimberly Cowan
Austin, Texas

Posted: 09/11/18

Business Law

Our experience has been extraordinary! Charles and his team are highly professional and knowledgeable. When handling our questions or business concerns, their responses are always prompt. We would not trust any other firm to handle our legal matters!

Andrea Auld
Midland, Texas

Posted: 07/5/18

Business Law (E-Commerce)

The Monster Law Firm in Midland has bent over backwards to help see my project come to life with solid advise based on cutting edge e-commerce law. Mr. Monster has demonstrated to me not only his knowledge of legal law, but his personal side of caring about his patrons. Thank you, George Kellner

George Kellner
Midland, Texas

Posted: 4/26/18

Intellectual Property

Fantastic service. Relationship driven Firm you can count on.

Jacob Armitage
Midland, Texas

Posted: 4/26/18

Extremely attentive and professional service!

Keith Blair
Austin, Texas

Posted: 2/1/18

Corporate – Litigation

Mr. Moster is a top notch professional. This man has been a godsend for us as business owners. Looking for a great LLC attorney, he’s your man. We are very pleased with the outstanding service we received from him.

Charles Munsell
Amarillo, Texas

Posted 12/6/17

Intellectual Property

Such an amazing law firm. I’m a photographer and recently experienced theft of information on my website (Like, an entire page literally). I contacted the Moster Law firm and Charles was kind, assured me, and walked me through the process to copyright my work and had the violating company delete my material from their website. I would recommend this firm to anyone!

Kimberly Cowan, Owner
Kimberly Cowan Photography
Midland, Texas

Posted 9/1/17

Corporate Law

Occasionally you have an experience with a company or service that you want to tell everyone about because it has such a positive impact on you. This is one of those times. I initially was considering a popular legal service online while researching forming an LLC. I was very close to committing nearly $1k for a chance that it would be done correctly, and I wouldn’t feel like I’d been swindled. While researching that company, I came across the Moster law firm, noticed he had a 5-star review, and began reading. Those comments convinced me to make an appointment, and within a week I was sitting in an office, with what felt like hanging out with an old friend, a very knowledgeable old friend. He immediately allayed all my apprehensions about my idea for the new business, its legality, and the formation of an LLC. He explained the process thoroughly, but not dryly, and did not try to pressure or “sell me” anything. In just over 2 weeks, I have my new company, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. As an added bonus, his services barely cost much more than the online service, and should any problems surface, I feel 100% confident he and his firm will have my back. That level of confidence in any business is rare these days, but it is warranted in this case. I absolutely cannot recommend him enough and if you are in the market for a reputable, trustworthy, considerate attorney, with the expertise to back it up, just save yourself the time and do what I did, hire him at the initial consultation. You won’t find better.

Daphne Howell
Business Owner
Amarillo, Texas

Posted 8/18/17

Business Litigation and Corporate Law

As a business owner, every now and then I need an attorney’s advice and business. After 5 years and 3 other attorneys, I finally found Mr. Moster. Charles is the attorney for me. In our first meeting he spent time listening to my needs and showed that he had the experience to be my attorney. Since our first meeting, Charles has done several agreements and other things for me. His billing is very accurate. His staff is very friendly. All in all if you are seeking an attorney that understands, has experience, will get the job done, and bill you correctly look no further and give Charles a call.

Tammy Reese
The Flipping Egg
Abilene, Texas

Posted 2/22/17

Music & Entertainment Law

I was working on my first solo album project & needed legal advice in several areas, like for instance song licensing. I’d heard great things about Attorney Charles Moster. I contacted his office and he invited me to come by & talk. I was amazed at his knowledge in all areas of business. I have never witnessed professionalism at this high level & at the same time treated like family. I handed the ball off to Charles Moster and his incredible staff. They went way far and above anything I would have expected from anyone, anywhere, anytime. I could go on and on! Contacting the office of Attorney Charles Moster is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With Charles Moster not only did I gain the best Attorney anywhere, I also gained a lifetime friend.

Thank you Charles Moster again, for all you’ve done for me! May God Bless your, and your phenomenal staff!

Jerry Brownlow
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 2/21/17

Business Startup/Real Estate

The Moster Law Firm is top notch! They really make me feel like their most valued customer. They explain everything in terms I understand and made me feel very confident and comfortable that my interests are protected and handled by experts. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my legal needs.

Chase Marbury
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 1/17/17

Business Startup/Trademarks/Licensing

I would not hesitate to recommend The Moster Law Firm to anyone! Mr. Moster is a man of high integrity and moral character! He treats his clients as if they are family! He definitely is a top notch attorney! Mr. Moster has always done an excellent job of representing us in our business dealings! Thank you, Mr. Moster!

Byron Wishmeyer
Business Owner
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 10/4/16

Business Startup/Trademark

I would give The Moster Law Firm 5/5 stars! Mr. Moster and his team were quick, efficient and helpful beyond measure. Mr. Moster took the time to answer all of my questions in detail, and provided me with helpful instructions for the future of my business! Working with The Moster Law Firm was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Mr. Moster and his colleagues to anyone in need of legal counsel.

Sommer McDougal
President, Card Me Lubbock

Posted 5/26/16

Business Start Up/Trademarks

My business partner, my mother, actually found Mr. Moster.  We got a little lucky in this regard.  I knew what I wanted to do and that I needed to get rolling with my ideas once I was given the go.  I also knew that I wanted to set up the business correctly (not legal zoom).  I haven’t worked with many attorneys so I didn’t really know what to expect when starting a business.  I knew that I wanted someone who shared some of the same beliefs and someone who wouldn’t disappear after the trademarks and LLC were set up.  I also wanted a fighter.  Mr. Moster is like a needle in the haystack, with each of these traits.  He has a passion for working with small business start-ups and doesn’t mind helping with great ideas.  He answers the phone, if not in court, and truly wants to see people succeed.

Charles walks the walk.  He created a large firm in Austin and has worked with presidential administrations.  These things were not his style, which is why he set up a small firm where he can work on a first name basis with his clients.

I highly recommend Mr. Moster because he cares about one on one relationships.

Derek Kite
Rifle Run, LLC
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 4/27/16

Business Startup/Trademarks

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Moster. We had several meetings and paid several initial consultation fees with other attorneys that did not help us at all and made us feel even more lost than we initially were. Luckily we came across Mr. Moster. He did not charge us as an initial consultation fee and was able to sit with us for over an hour explaining how he could help us with our business. We felt relieved and confident that we had the right attorney on our side. We attained more information and knowledge in that hour consultation without even having to retain Mr. Moster than we had with all the attorneys that we had met before combined. We highly recommend The Moster Law Firm to any entrepreneur that is going into business or who wants to ensure their business is set up correctly. Thank you Moster Law Firm for your help and for being quick, efficient and making our experience an unforgettable positive experience.

Nemo Rodriguez
Nallely Cavazos
N4N Properties, LLC
So1Fit, LLC
Amarillo, Texas

Posted 4/4/16

Business Startup

I came in looking for a business lawyer with a million and one questions. Mr. Moster was amazing, he made sure I understood everything! If you’re looking for a business lawyer especially for a small business starting out this is the guy to call!

Haley Hill
Your Time Massage, LLC
Amarillo, Texas

Posted 10/5/15

Contract Dispute

The attorneys of the Moster Law Firm were fantastic in their efforts to bring our case to a close. We were involved with a company who seemed very reluctant to pay out on a service contract, however the skilled team there worked effectively to focus on the facts of the case and went above and beyond with their communication to all parties to find the resolution to my claim.  I want to personally thank them for handling our case with great care.  Thank you for arriving to an amicable settlement which will help our family a great deal during these volatile times.  I would highly recommend The Moster Law Firm to colleagues, friends and family and I would definitely use their services again if the need ever arises.

Ingrid Rodriguez
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 8/5/15

Transactional Law

I learned many years ago that an educated attorney who is knowledgeable, and yet also truly cares about one’s clients, has the potential to become one of the more important bonds any of us will develop. For a plethora of reasons, many of them obvious – but one being simply a good attorney’s intention to lessen a client’s stress and remove a weight from his or her shoulders. Attorney Charles Moster, of the Moster Law Firm, fits that bill. Frankly, the acceptance of any attorney should never be a rushed decision, any more than one would stay with a family doctor with whom any member of the family is uncomfortable. It is, in the best cases, a professional relationship that can last a lifetime. I made use of another trusted attorney for decades. With circumstances changed and she no longer available, I, like many, did not look into a replacement until I needed one. (Probably a common mistake).

I actually made Charles Moster’s acquaintance through my daily duties as a journalist. It was later, when I wanted an attorney’s help with a legal issue that I felt comfortable in at least calling him to see what advice he might offer. It turned out to be one of my better decisions. The first thing he does is place a client at ease, in effect not rushing into X’s and O’s until he has tried to lessen or erase worries. I was thrilled with what struck me as personal attention by Mr. Moster, who first advised me well, and then helped me in an always efficient, even friendly manner. Everything proceeded smoothly, with Mr. Moster staying in touch through it all. In short, I trust Charles Moster. I recommend his work.

William Kerns
A-J Media Entertainment Editor (Lubbock Avalanche Journal)

Posted 6/1/15

Franchise & Commercial Leases

I hired Mr. Moster and his Law Firm to provide assistance to me regarding the purchase of a franchise in Lubbock and negotiation of a commercial lease. Mr. Moster’s prior experience was a definite plus as he was able to get through the issues rapidly and in a cost effective manner. Also, I was impressed with his responsiveness and ability to deal with the unexpected issues which come up when you own a business. A serious problem which cropped up was literally handled and turned around the day it occurred. I felt comfortable and protected. Mr. Moster and his Firm are highly recommended.

Desare Piseno
Crave Salon, LLC
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 4/3/15

Employment Law

Mr. Moster and his law firm took excellent care of me and my business. When I came in to see him, I was facing major employment issues with the Texas Workforce Commission and other concerns. Mr. Moster and his Firm came to my immediate assistance and protected my interests. I got a great result and also advice on what I needed to do to keep my business compliant with the law. Bottom line is that Mr. Moster took great care of me, explained the law and options to me in a way that made business sense, and was always responsive to my questions and concerns. The Moster Law Firm is highly recommended.

Jaime Romo
Pecos Diesel & Truck & Trailer
Pecos, Texas

Posted: 3/20/15

Wills & Estate Planning

Absolutely amazing service! I would recommend them to everyone I know!

Kristina Cross Williams
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 9/1/14

Corporate and Intellectual Property

Mr. Charles Moster, has not only conducted our business as highly professional and to our complete satisfaction, but has exhibited uncommon courtesy as a caring and compassionate individual. This is why I respectfully refer to him as Sir Charles.

Among the traits I have discovered are; promptness, follow-up and client loyalty in discernment and consideration.

In advisory mode, I trust Sir Charles to provide direction to the utmost of his ability.

UnHinged Productions® and TreyMark® Black-Eyed Vodka are honored to have been associated with Mr. Charles Moster.

Deborah Nickels
Managing Member
UnHinged Productions, LLC
Fort Worth, Texas

Posted 6/25/14

Contested Probate (with happy ending)

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us, Mr. Moster. You went over and beyond to make sure they made it right for us. Thank you,Thank you so much for everything!

Rosa Martinez
Corpus Christi, Texas

Posted 5/20/14

Corporate – Professional Associations

I can’t say enough about how pleased we were with Charles Moster Esq. As a physician relocating out of state there are a multitude of detailed tasks to attend. Mr. Moster assisted my family through the entire process, providing excellent counsel on contract review and execution. He was completely honest, transparent, and took the extra step of ensuring my husband and I understood everything before proceeding with anything. His legal knowledge is the best I have known, and his client interaction skill assures you that he cares about your success. I would recommend the Moster Law Firm to my most valuable family and friends.

J. Hice-Garza MD
Las Cruces NM

Posted 3/4/14

Business Litigation

I am grateful for the opportunity to share our experience with Mr. Moster and his law firm.

I was referred to Mr. Moster by a business associate, a former president CEO of $1B+ North American company who suggested I should at least talk with Mr. Moster. He informed me that he had a good feeling about Mr. Moster and had come across his firm when he was seeking counsel regarding some other business matters.

We are a Delaware company and were involved in litigation in Federal court in Texas. For companies not located in Texas, this presents a number of challenges as can be expected. In addition, to be candid, we were behind the eight ball regarding our preparedness and at quite a disadvantage going into our litigation.

Given the time he had to prepare our case and our disadvantaged position, the outcome could not have been better!

Words that come to mind when I think about Mr. Moster ….Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity, Prepared, Efficient, Knowledgeable, Sincere, Professional and most importantly, a man who really does care about his clients and does the absolute best he can for them.

Regardless of what he has to work with, you can expect the best possible outcome when Mr. Moster represents you. I have worked with many law firms over the last 25 years.  The Moster law firm is as good as they get.

I cannot say enough good things about Charles Moster and his firm.

His client reviews accurately reflect who Mr. Moster is and what you can expect.


Carl Bjornson
President, DIC

Posted 2/10/14

Business Startup

I met with Mr. Moster to find out about how to legally protect my roofing business. Mr. Moster answered all of my questions and most important explained the legal process to me in plain terms so I could understand what my options were to create the right kind of business entity and other important issues including drafting proper contracts and even trademarking my company name. He is very easy to talk to and honestly cares about his clients. I also like that Mr. Moster does all of his own legal work. I highly recommend his services.

Eric Marcelino Perez
Owner, Skyshield Construction, LLC

Posted 7/11/13

Corporate Business/Startup

“I just wanted to write back about my experience with your services. As a new business owner you made the process much easier to comprehend and understand the legal approach to everything a new business owner needs to understand. I rate your services an A++ on all aspects of services rendered you did a fantastic job! Thank you so very much.”

Cody Williams
Line of Sight Armory LLC

Posted 3/21/13

Corporate/Intellectual Property/Litigation

“I can’t speak highly enough about Mr. Moster and his law firm.  He has become an integral part of our agency; executes every agreement for our company flawlessly.  His litigation skills and overall knowledge of the law are the best in the business.  He holds himself to the highest ethical standards which is unprecedented in the legal profession and he’s completely transparent with us in the actions he takes, giving us complete confidence of the outcome on each project.  We would highly recommend him for any legal needs.”

Brandon Snyder
Dark Puppet LLC
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 3/6/13

Working with you on my case has been the best experience I have ever had with any attorney. You took a very complex case with many possible land mines and brought it to settlement with in a reasonable time frame. Your experience and knowledge is second to none in my book. By settling this in a timely manner you have lifted a heavy load off my family emotionally and allowed us to begin the healing process and to move forward with our lives. I would recommend you to family, friends & acquaintances with all confidence. Charles I wish you the best and God Bless You! for all you do.

Corporate Executive
Randy Sherwood
Lubbock, Texas

Posted 3/5/13

“Thank you for all the services you provided as we encountered this dilemma in our lives. You did a wonderful job keeping us informed with the progress of our case and easing the anxiety that we were feeling. We really appreciate all that you have done for us and being so patient. Once again, thank you and God bless.

Civil Defendant – Case Dismissed with Prejudice
Anthony Ortiz and Cynthia Castillo

Posted 2/26/13

I recommend MR MOSTER law firm to everybody I know. I have been dealing with attorneys for twenty plus years in business. MR MOSTER really cares about his clients not just you’re money. MR MOSTER  went  above and beyond what I paid him for. HE set up new corporate books for me purchasing a franchise business. He knew all the laws and even dealt with the corporate attorneys, and there paper work changed after that!! He is also helping me with another problem that led me to purchase a franchise. when I got formally told I could not be a partner of a business that I started and ran for two years. I was told I could not be a partner because I had multiple sclerosis. This man is part of my adopted family now. he is on our holiday mail outs every year now. god bless!!


Posted on 12/12/12

Mr. Moster has handled numerous litigation issues for our business with great care and efficiency. Although he is an aggressive trial attorney, his preference is to resolve cases as rapidly as possible and avoid the costs of litigation if possible. That was precisely the result of a recent dispute with one of our vendors who settled for the full amount due plus Mr. Moster’s attorney’s fees. In fact, the check arrived one day before Mr. Moster’s deadline. We highly recommend his law firm.

David Snyder
Premiere Media Group
Lubbock, Texas

Posted on 10/10/12

I contacted Mr. Moster regarding a serious legal issue which threatened the survival of my business.  Mr. Moster was very easy to talk to and came up with immediate options to protect my legal rights and, fortunately, avoid the necessity of filing a lawsuit.  I had an excellent outcome and would definitely recommend the Moster Law Firm to other business owners.

Jamie Vaughan
Owner, Aunt Norie’s Bakery
Lubbock, Texas

Posted on 05/25/12

After working many years at a DFW marketing agency with Fortune 100 clients and small to mid-size businesses, I moved to West Texas to start a Lubbock marketing company focused on digital marketing and social media.

Charles has been a tremendous resource in navigating the legal terrain associated with launching a new venture. His tenure on the boards of the American Marketing Association and American Advertising Federation was what initially drew me to working with him. His deep expertise and the joy he takes in discussing legal matters are what earn him a fixed spot as counsel of my Lubbock marketing company, Tachmorn Marketing.

As Tachmorn Marketing continues to grow and ventures into new areas, I look forward to the future conversations I will have with Charles Moster. He really is that good. Do yourself a favor and set an appointment.


David Timmons, CEO
Tachmorn Marketing, LLC

Posted on 05/17/12

I set up an appointment with Mr. Moster several months back with a very difficult litigation situation that had dragged on for years.  I felt that I was entitled to a large payment owed to me by a major insurance company but was getting the run around from their attorneys. Mr. Moster took the time to thoroughly understand the facts and my legal position.  As a result of his effort I not only received the payment I was promised several years ago but a substantial increase in the amount caused by their delay.  Mr. Moster is highly skilled and most important, listens and cares.  I highly recommend his services as an attorney.

Jeremiah Salas

Posted on 03/12/12

I feel very fortunate to have had Charles Moster on my side who has calmly and thoroughly guided me through my legal situation to the best outcome I could of hoped for.  He is genuine, knowledgeable, and caring — all of which are very evident in the work that he does.

Min Lee

Posted on 02/20/12

In my business career, I have had the occasion to use several law firms for my various technology related business interests.   I can say without hesitation that I have found Mr. Charles Moster of The Moster Law Firm the most competent and attentive attorney I have ever encountered.

Stephen Miller
CEO, Responsive Services International Corp. (RSI)
1220 Broadway, Ninth Floor
Lubbock, Texas 79401-3201

Posted on 02/20/12

Small Business Client

My experience with the Moster Law Firm has been exceptional!  Attorney Moster’s expertise for nearly 26 years in Business Law, Intellectual Property and the Entertainment Industry is a very unique & resourceful trio.  His history as a former Broadway screenplay writer is a definite plus in his legal practice.  The sincere interest and patience he has shown in listening to my legal needs has been so reassuring. The time and devotion he dedicates in taking care of every legal detail has been astoundingly impressive.  I am amazed at how reasonably priced his professional fees are compared to the high-quality legal services provided. Most of all, Counselor Moster has proven to be a G-d fearing man not only in words, but deeds.  As a client, he has earned my sincere trust and utmost respect.  I have already begun to recommend him to others like the South Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs that I am associated with and will continue to do so in the future!

A very satisfied client,

Alia D. Garcia-Ureste
The Beautiful Gateway Lodge of Fort Stockton, Texas
“An Historic G.a.t.e.W.a.y. West of the Pecos”

Posted on 02/18/12

Charles Moster has proven to be a valuable attorney for both my personal and business needs.  His diverse background and experience has provided insights and expertise that are rare to find in one lawyer.    His immediate grasp of the realities of my particular situation combined with sound legal advice proved to be the perfect combination required to resolve a five year old dispute in a few short months.   I highly recommend Charles Moster and I am certain that you will be as satisfied as I am with his work.

Jerry Pearring
President & CEO
Global Beverage Solutions, Inc.

Posted on 02/08/12

Charles did a fantastic job of listening to my needs, developing a plan to accomplish what I was looking for, and executing in a timely, economical, and professional manner. I would highly recommend Charles to my peers and friends and look forward to working with him in the future.

Jeff Berthelesen
1826 Productions, LLC

Posted on 01/24/12

For over 20 years Charles Moster has represented our interest in various business and legal transactions with exceptional effectiveness and professionalism. I say for over 20 years ago for if it were not for Mr. Moster we would not still be in business today. Where other attorneys didn’t give us chance of succeeding, Mr. Moster took on our case and skillfully negotiated, litigated and succeeded in keeping our business alive and to this day one of the most prosperous in our industry.

Michael Chiacchieri
Filomena Ristorante

Posted on 01/24/12

Charles Moster is not only a brilliant attorney, but a compassionate and caring human being. When I first consulted him, I had had limited experience with the legal profession and was somewhat hesitant, being fearful of being pummeled by legalese and an attorney with an aggressive strategy. On the contrary, Mr. Moster took the time to explain every option and every step available to me. He was considerate of my time and guided me through the process at a pace that was comfortable to me.

Alice Adams
Alice Adams Communications

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