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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen energy technology may offer the ultimate win-win energy solution for the American industry and the long-term survival of the planet.  Unlike petroleum-based products which are linked to Global Warming, hydrogen produces zero carbon emissions when combined with oxygen and burned.  Existing technology although limited has utilized hydrogen to produce power in the form of fuel cells and internal combustion engines. It is already a proven commodity in the American industry and is expected to substantially expand market penetration over the next decade and beyond.


We represent Oil & Gas and Energy Entrepreneurs who are seeking to enter this new market whether acquiring a financial stake in existing companies or launching new startups.  We offer our Oil & Gas and Energy clients the confidence and ability to navigate the unchartered territory of new technology through our extensive IP services in the patent area whether the project involves new power generation technology or related automation and software support.  Critically, we are there to provide the IP branding support to protect the very identity of the technology through trademarks, copyrights, and protections available under the recently enacted Texas Uniform Trades Secret Act.

You can depend on our experience to protect and grow your energy investment.

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