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I have been self-employed almost my entire professional life.  The need to have control over my own economic destiny is wired into my “Business DNA” and a huge part of my family heritage that is full of entrepreneurship.

Max Moster, Moster CraftThere’s a story about my grandfather, Max Moster, which was passed down through the generations and illustrates the point.  Max came over from the “old country” in 1900 landing in Ellis Island with thousands of other Jews and ethnic groups.  Like most of the immigrants flooding into New York, Max was almost penniless and had to learn a new language.

He immediately set out in Manhattan taking any job he could find to support himself and his young family including driving a horse-drawn trolley and selling odds and ends to the locals.  He was incredibly adept as to the latter and soon expanded his inventory to include pots and pans and finally Christian bibles which were odd given Max’s Jewish heritage.

As his stock and trade became more successful, Max came up with the idea of going to Columbia University.  Now, he didn’t actually attend the university as he barely made it through grade school.  His mission was to visit the Theatre Department and hire several actors and actresses to play the parts of the biblical characters Mary, Joseph, and Jesus to sell his bibles. Very soon, a troupe of biblical actors ventured door to door peddling Max’s crisp and “specially illustrated and classically bound” editions of the New Testament.  This bold move was incredibly successful and led to an explosion of sales and the christening of a new business name with a rich tradition– “Library Guild”.  Max’s newly branded enterprise soon expanded to offices around the Northeast corridor and then the country.  He later added locations in Canada and Hawaii. (For more stories about Max Moster, I invite our audience to check out my autobiography published a few years back entitled, Notes to Our Daughter.)

I mention Max because of the driving force which highlighted his life and commercial success – entrepreneurship.  Max could have worked for someone else like most people then and now but needed to preserve his independence down to his very core.  This drive for business self-ownership – entrepreneurship – defined my grandfather, my father, and myself.  It also defines the very reason for the existence of the Moster Law Firm and everything we do.

I founded this law firm to support the dream and vision of entrepreneurs.  Regardless of the business model being pursued by our clients, they all share the same drive for independence and control of their own economic life.  Typically, they have strong egos and simply cannot tolerate working for anyone else.

Our clients learn pretty quickly that the road to self-ownership can be uncertain, rocky, and quite stressful.  The old adage is that “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”.  It is not and unfortunately; a good percentage of entrepreneurs fail along the way with their startups.

That said, Moster Law Firm is here to support entrepreneurs and do everything in our power to facilitate the launch of their new ventures.  Over the course of 31 years of representing new businesses, I have learned to provide the critical services most likely to increase success in the marketplace.  Our clients desperately need legal infrastructure and advice in all of the critical business areas including corporate, intellectual property, employment, contracts, and litigation, among other areas.  We perform these critical legal services every day. Our clients also need encouragement and a roadmap of the twists and turns which lie ahead.  We offer that too.

But mostly, we are here to fulfill the driving force of our clients – to succeed and to honor the core of their very being – independence of mind, spirit, and economic life.  That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.

This firm was founded to support entrepreneurs just like you and Max.

If you are starting up a new business, expanding an existing enterprise, or just want to be in association with a law firm that shares your dreams, you have come to the right place.

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