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High Tech Bootcamp – How To Stop IP Theft

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Texas is the new Silicon Valley!

Most people don’t equate Texas with intellectual property and the amazing innovations coming out of California and Silicon Valley which is a huge mistake. There is an incredible layer of high-tech development stretching from Austin to San Antonio and on to Dallas and Houston called the Texaplex. Software and computer innovations are originating now in Texas that rival anything that California can produce. It’s a bold statement, but I believe the future of technology is being born right now in Texas.

At Moster Craft, we are all about technology which, of course, is rooted deeply in the practice of intellectual property. Our Texas legal group is dedicated to practical applications in this area which have immediate utility to our varied clients in multiple sector areas from computer technology to oil and gas to transportation to finance and service industries.

More information about our approach would be helpful. Unlike traditional Texas law firms which view intellectual property strictly from a legal perspective, we address our clients’ concerns from a strictly business orientation and then apply the principles of IP. This is a critical distinction that makes us more effective in addressing and effectuating the client’s objectives. As an example, an online store or even larger retail network have distinctly different intellectual property needs than a restaurant or brick-and-mortar enterprise. Different rules apply to trademarking online products and services than other sector areas. Moreover, the criticality of the brand (product or service) is a premier concern when conducting e-commerce. Clients need to understand that their Texas name and logo are invaluable business assets that must be protected throughout the United States to reduce the likelihood of e-commerce theft and litigation based on improper advice and assumptions. Similarly, the original web content must be protected through copyright to prevent online cyberpiracy from occurring.

Conversely, a client seeking to protect computer code or software has a different set of issues to confront and the law firm must understand this distinction from inception and advice. Software by its very nature is vulnerable to reverse engineering and theft. Texas and national/international IP strategies must thus increase the likelihood of protecting the ownership of the code through appropriate securitization whether by copyright, patent, or other means.

The integration of IP services is also essential for a rapid business response. Many of our IP clients throughout Texas including Midland and particularly the larger urban areas of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston face serious challenges in the technology law area and intellectual property. These legal concerns cannot be approached in a vacuum and the law firm must understand that IP combines with business law and other areas of practice including litigation and even corporate entity structure. All of these areas must work in tandem to set forth an effective IP strategy that promotes economic growth and survival over the long run.
We ask you to take a moment and peruse our areas of practice intellectual property area.

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