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Our Energy - Oil & Gas Practice

Moster Law Firm, Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Pumpjack, Oil Industry, Gas Industry, Industry, Energy, Fossil Fuels, Texas

Oil and Gas Practice Areas

Moster Craft Energy

Claydesta Center – Midland, Texas

Our Energy Practice with a major concentration in the area of Oil & Gas Law is located at the Claydesta Center in Midland, Texas.
Our Firm recognizes the critical importance of providing extensive Oil & Gas legal services to Texas businesses many of which are located in the Midland and Odessa area. Most folks outside of Texas fail to recognize how important the oil industry is to the American economy. Texas is the largest producer of fossil fuels in the United States accounting for 41% of crude oil production, 25% of natural gas, and 31% of refining capacity. This tremendous capacity is primarily located in the Permian Basin, the largest petroleum basin in the United States, having produced a cumulative 28.9 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of gas. Current geological studies evidence vast reserves which are yet to be identified and exploited. So much for the popular perception that we are running out of petroleum. That is absolutely false.

We pride ourselves on being experienced oil and gas attorneys and professionals to be relied upon when it really matters. You can count on us to have the background you need to get the job done everywhere along the Oil Supply Chain from resource identification to exploration to well design and construction to production to transport to storage to the refinery to terminals and finally to points of sale. All of these destinations require a thorough understanding of the Oil and Gas Business Model in addition to the legalities of each step in the process. Of course, you need attorneys who are experienced in the law, but you also need professionals who understand the Oil and Gas business and can go out and make it happen. We are ready for that challenge so please call on us!

Moster Law Firm, Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Pumpjack, Oil Industry, Gas Industry, Industry, Energy, Fossil Fuels, Texas

Oil and Gas – What we do.

The Oil and Gas industry moves at an accelerated pace given volatile market conditions and particularly new business opportunities which can turn on a dime. Millions of dollars can be made or lost based upon the ability to make rapid decisions that require immediate legal advice. Our role at Moster Craft Energy is to provide that legal counsel when it is most needed. Unlike many law firms in this area, you won’t find us writing memos to the file or convening a battery of associates to burn the midnight oil. Given the breadth of our experience as oil and gas attorneys, we have likely seen this issue before and give our clients a straight answer without all the legal technicalities and qualifications. We stand by our word.

Our team is equipped to handle any aspect of the Oil and Gas Industry right up the supply chain whether we are representing oil companies or any related or ancillary business covering the entire spectrum from exploration, drilling, production, refinement, storage, and transportation, among others. We know how the oil business works as we have represented clients from the standpoint of getting deals and contracts done (transactional law) to major litigation disputes in state and federal courts. Our extensive experience in the area of intellectual property (including patent law) and corporate law allows us to drill (so to speak!) deeper and offer our clients more capabilities.

Our practice areas are divided into two main categories – Oil & Gas Transactional Services and Litigation.

Our Oil & Gas Transactional Services – We are set up to assist in an array of corporate services from basic issues to the most complex. We can scale up and down as needed.

• Leasehold rights.
• Lease transactions.
• Subsurface rights and usage.
• Subsurface and surface easements.
• Title opinions.
• Royalty interests.
• Acquisitions and Sale of Assets.
• Drilling Agreements.
• Master Service Agreements

Oil & Gas Litigation Services- Unfortunately, litigation can arise regardless of economic conditions in the industry. It is critical that clients have access to the very best litigators to immediately confront challenges that may arise. The Moster Craft Law Firm is known for its aggressive and creative approach to litigation. We are ready to serve our clients in every aspect of Oil and Gas litigation.

• Breach of Contract Litigation.
• Royalty Disputes.
• Condemnation.
• Trespass.
• Suits to Quiet Title.
• Contractor Disputes.
• Ownership and IP disputes.
• Landowner Claims.
• Lease Claims.
• Adverse Possession.
• Shareholder and Partnership Disputes.
• Regulatory & Environmental Disputes.
• Regulatory Compliance.
• IP Litigation.

Moster Law Firm, Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Pumpjack, Oil Industry, Gas Industry, Industry, Energy, Fossil Fuels, Texas

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