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Don’t Get Stuck in the Deep End
with Defective Pool Construction! 

Defective Pool Construction is an epidemic. 

You won’t see it on the news, but we run into defective pool construction every day at the Moster Law Firm. 

The problems are across the board from: Cracks in the pool, leaking water, defective design, defective installation, collapsing pool due to elevation issues, electrical malfunctions, etc.  And this is just the beginning. 


As Texas Pool Construction Attorneys’ we specialize in dealing with:
Bad Pool Builders, Pool Contractor Fraud & Disputes, Pool Construction Defects,
Poor Pool Workmanship, Breach of Contract, Abandonment & Warranty Issues.

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What are your legal rights?

An experienced Texas pool defect attorney will advise you of many remedies available to you under Texas law to secure repairs and possibly damages depending on the severity of the problems.  In many instances legal costs can be recovered. 

A key Texas law, the Residential Construction Liability Act or RCLA sets forth the process to make a demand on the bad pool contractor and set the claims process in motion.  You need to consult with an experienced pool defect attorney to see if the RCLA applies and next steps. 

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Will the Pool Contractor Work with You? 

It should be no shock to you that your pool contractor is not your friend.  They will deny that they caused any problems or blame you for lack of maintenance.  They will also say that the problem is a natural occurrence and if it persists – deny coverage under the warranty.  This happens all the time. 

What Should You Do? 

Get legal advice when the problem arises.  Pool Construction Defect cases present unique issues under Texas Law.  At the Moster Law Firm we are here to serve you across the state.  We offer a free consultation and will even go over your contracts.  Give us a call or fill out the form below!


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