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Welcome to Texas!

It is a privilege for us to assist our Canadian clients with respect to their legal affairs in the states of Texas and New Mexico. Obviously, there is a close integration between business interests in Canada and the United States and particularly in Texas which require special attention. The laws are very similar, but there are some important differences and treaties that apply.

Our law firm works closely with international businesses in numerous industries including oil & gas, technology, food and beverage, hospitality, and other sector areas. We also bring our knowledge and talents in our prime areas of practice including construction, oil and gas, technology, real estate acquisition, corporate agreements and acquisitions, and other critical matters. Below are some of the areas where we can help:

Oil and Gas

We are all about the petroleum industry and our offices in Midland and Odessa are dedicated to that practice area. Whether our clients in Canada are seeking to undertake business activities in the oil and gas industry or join in a relationship with existing US companies, come to us for guidance. We are there to help.

Contracts with Texas Corporations and Businesses

It’s no surprise that Texas has a unique way of doing business and the failure to understand the culture and practices can be detrimental to successful business transactions. We understand how the game is played and are there to provide guidance to our clients to be successful.

Acquiring Real Estate and Businesses

We can help you acquire businesses in Texas and New Mexico in all sector areas.  The Covid Pandemic has brought misery to the world but has created opportunities to purchase businesses that are in financial distress.  We can help.

Real Estate always offers opportunities for development whether simply investing in large tracts of land or constructing improvements.  Mr. Moster has represented clients in this area – large and small – for over three decades!


Mr. Moster has been representing restaurants in the industry since 1990 and can provide that background to Canadian companies seeking to acquire or expand interests in the United States. Whether starting a new corporation, participating in an American franchise, or any venture, we are here to help. We can also guide our clients through the complexity of acquiring alcohol licensing before the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC).


This is one of our prime areas of practice and we are heavily involved in the pursuit of business transactions relating to technology, computers, software, and other interests. We manage the technology practice out of our Dallas office and Houston which includes engineering resources to prepare and file patents of all kinds. We also set up new companies in this area and protect trade secrets. We are all about our practice of intellectual property.


It is critical that the Canadian brand be protected in the United States from theft and we provide multiple services to secure trademarks, copyrights, and other protections under the US and international law.

Mr. Moster commenced his legal practice with the United States Department of Commerce in 1986 and has since worked with most federal agencies in a variety of matters over the years. He has handled in excess of $1 billion in transactions and has received top awards from the United States Department of the Treasury. Call upon our knowledge to help you.


Another one of our prime areas of practice.  If our clients are seeking to join an existing venture or initiate their own construction whether it is in commercial or business areas, we are there to help. Texas has unique laws which apply to construction and we will make this knowledge available to our clients so they are successful.


Mr. Moster has represented hotels and franchises since 1990 and understands how the hospitality industry operates in the United States and particularly in Texas. Whether our clients are entering into a venture with an existing US franchise, expanding a Canadian brand to the United States, or even starting a new venture, we are equipped to effectuate. Please come to us for assistance.


Another one of our areas of practice.  We start new transportation and trucking companies to serve multiple business interests including oil and gas and construction.

Corporate Startups

We are heavily involved in starting up and launching new businesses in Texas. We understand the corporate laws and what are the best entities to form in effectuating new business operations including the proper agreements between members and shareholders.

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