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Branding Bootcamp – Trademarks & Copyright

High Tech Bootcamp – How To Stop IP Theft

Why Get A Trademark?

  • You can get sued for major damages if you are using someone else’s trademark, even by accident. Before you select your company name/brand it is critical to see if it is available to trademark and if so, to acquire it! Filing an LLC or Corporation with the Texas Secretary of State is NOT a trademark!
  • The flip side of the coin is that you can go after anyone using your registered mark for trademark infringement which is a powerful tool to protect your intellectual property.
  • Our services are based on a flat fee for trademark work except for objections filed by the government or third parties which is unusual.
    Give us a call, and we can explain how it works. This is one of our favorite areas of practice!
  • We are affordable and have decades of experience along with the highest rating for law firms by the oldest rating service in the United States – Martindale Hubbell – AV PREEMINENT.

What We Do

  • Research Availability Of Trademark.
  • Make Recommendation On Whether You Can Get The Trademark.
  • File Application And Specimen With The Federal Government (USPTO)
  • Interact With Government Attorney To Get Mark.
  • Resolve Questions Raised By The Government.
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Texas Business Startup Attorney

Seems like everyone has advice for business startups but not the background to really help.  Come to us for focus and over three decades of experience to help launch your new business startup.  Our list of services in this area is extensive.

  • Startup Entity Choice- This is so confusing for our clients but simple for us. We will recommend immediately our choice whether an LLC, corporation, partnership, and other selections.
  • Partnership Agreements – This is often overlooked as the contract with your partner is critical to success and avoidance of disputes. You can never say you’ve seen it all, but we come pretty darn close!
  • Branding – Registering your name with the Texas Secretary of State does not protect your name in commerce, only a trademark can do that. Never use a trade name without getting a registered trademark or at least make sure that you are not infringing on someone else’s name or logo.  We have seen new startups put out of business by making this mistake.
  • Contracts – Do not – repeat NOT pull down a contract off the web because you have no idea where it has been. Contracts need to be customized and comply with state law.  Cut corners here at your own peril!
  • Employees – You must understand whether your worker is an independent contractor or employee. The law can be confusing and if you make a mistake, you will likely hear from that agency with three letters – TWC – Texas Workforce Commission.  They are not nice.  Oh, same deal with the IRS.
  • Leases – Make sure a lawyer reviews your lease before you sign. You can destroy your profit margin before you finish signing your name.  Let us help!

We are all about supporting new businesses.  It’s one of the most enjoyable things we do at Moster Craft.

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