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Many business clients fail to understand the importance of identifying and protecting the intellectual property assets of their companies such as branding/marketing, written/visual content, and software, among other areas. It is not unusual for a startup to invest substantial resources in developing a corporate name/logo only to find out later that another company previously registered these legal interests. Unfortunately, this often leads to expensive lawsuits like infringement actions.

The Moster Law Firm can provide the very basic legal services to startups and more complex representation a Lubbock IP attorney can provide and is required by growing companies. Our practice areas are as follows:


The Moster Law Firm prepares and files trademark applications with the Patent Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. and also responds to Office Actions and Objections by third parties.

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We prepare and file applications with the United States Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. to protect business/marketing materials, educational/training collateral, and creative products including photographs, visual arts, music, websites, film/video, and other original works.

Trade Secrets

We assist clients in indentifying and protecting trade secrets as they relate to unique business products/services, proprietary content, software, and recipes, among other areas.

E-Commerce Services

We draft website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statements, online agreements, and guidelines/procedures to better assure the operation of chat rooms and other social media services.

Additional Services

Licensing agreements/strategy, sale/purchase of IP rights, marketing and branding protection, due diligence, manufacturing and purchasing agreements, valuations, IP audits, research & development, technology transfers.

IP Litigation

Prosecution of infringement actions to enforce trademarks and other IP; Defense of infringement actions and response to cease & desist demands, cybersquatting, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

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