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How to Lose a Lawsuit in Lubbock or Amarillo Without Really Trying

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This is how it starts. Your former partner, ex-wife/husband, or competitor publishes in the local newspaper that you have an IQ of 50, that you operate a still in your backyard or otherwise disparage your reputation and/or family dog. You are angry, humiliated, victimized and you are ready to strike back by filing a lawsuit. Enough is enough! It’s time to lawyer-up and get even.
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How to Fail at Business in Lubbock or Amarillo Without Really Trying

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I consider myself and law firm to be forward looking and optimistic. Hence, I believe this is the first time I used the word “fail” in any article about business in Lubbock, Amarillo, or anywhere else! That said, with but two weeks in the New Year, I have witnessed the same candidates for business failure meander into my law office. These individuals share many of the same traits which unfortunately point them and their ventures decidedly in the direction of failure in Lubbock, Amarillo, and West Texas. The most common attribute is that they have always cut corners and think that lawyers are a waste of time and money. In their view, any legal advice or documentation needed to start and maintain a business can be found on Wikipedia or Google. Unfortunately, many of these new businesses will not be around after the first year of operation.
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The Paine Pill

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The Paine Pill – The Prescription for a New America – was inspired by Thomas Paine’s Advocacy Pamphlet, Common Sense, which motivated people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for their independence from England in the summer of 1776. True to the spirit of Thomas Paine’s writings, this work seeks to declare the independence of the 50 States of our Union from the Tyranny of the Federal Deficit and impending bankruptcy of our great nation.

Chapter 1 – Welcome Aboard

In the first hundred days of his new administration, Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed and secured passage of massive legislation which fundamentally reconfigured the relationship between the Federal Government, states, and its citizens. The so-called alphabet soup of new programs and agencies changed the socio-political and economic landscape overnight and – unfortunately – has become the accepted architecture of government in 2015. Although the underpinning of the “New Deal” had noble intentions, it has passed on to future generation a legacy of unsustainable growth in government, reckless spending, and a debt which continues to expand exponentially. This doctrine of unaccountable spending is unsustainable and will ultimately render our society – the grand democratic experiment of our Founding Fathers – unsustainable as well.