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Commercial Construction Disputes

With over 5 offices across Texas, the Moster Law Firm can tackle any commercial construction dispute. We are aggressive, experienced, and have the capabilities to respond immediately. Come to us for answers and a rapid response to urgent issues.

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What we do: 

  • Subcontractor Payment Disputes –  Delayed or failed payment situations are common in commercial construction.  The inability to resolve these cases expeditiously can lead to financial failure.  The Firm provides rapid and aggressive action for our clients. 
  • Lien filing and enforcement- The filing of a lien is a critical protection for contractors.  Make sure your liens are compliant and don’t wait until it is too late!
  • Claims against General Contractors- Disputes with General Contractors particularly under an MSA are very common.  Our clients do a fabulous job and find themselves holding the bag and operating on fumes.  We fight back! 
  • Claims against Owners – In our experience, owners rarely take responsibility for their financial obligations and can delay performance across the board.  We know how to hold them responsible. 
  • Contract Disputes – Most disputes turn on the language in the contracts.  The language is often deliberately confusing and a mistake in interpretation could lead to millions of dollars in loss.  We are all about commercial contracts as litigators and also transactional attorneys.  We have written our share of these agreements and know them inside and out. 

Who we represent: 

With over 38 years of commercial construction experience going back to the Reagan Administration in excess of $1 Billion, Mr. Moster has represented contractors in all areas, subcontractors, engineers, architects, developers, partnerships, and other clients. Come to us for deep experience.  

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Most Firms will charge for an initial consultation which is hardly informative.  We will review your contract in advance and evaluate your dispute without charge.  Find out if you have a winnable case. 

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  • Complimentary meeting with Mr. Moster, not a junior associate as in most Firms. 
  • Complimentary review of your contract and facts in your case.
  • Legal analysis at end of meeting as to whether you have a good case and damages to recover.

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