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 The “Go To” Firm for Texas Litigation! 
Come to Moster Law Firm 
for Aggressive Litigation.  

Whether you need to file a lawsuit or defend against a pending action we are ready to jump on board with a rapid response. 

  • Breach of Contract actions. 
  • Fraud Actions. 
  • Partnership Disputes. 
  • Intellectual Property issues. 
  • Business Litigation. 
  • Real Estate Litigation. 
  • Federal, State, and Administrative Actions. 

Call Now. Free Consultation. Serving All Of Texas.

We are Fast, Smart, and Scaled. 

legal judgment

We have decades of experience in state, federal, and administrative courts and never have to reinvent the litigation wheel!  We are known for being aggressive and the Firm which can find the winning argument.  We are “scaled” which means that we can adjust a lawsuit down to its essentials depending on the resources which are available by a client. 


Find Out if Your Case is Winnable? 

No Firm can predict the future, but we have extensive experience across the litigation board and can spot a good or weak case right off the bat!   

Set up a free consultation with Mr. Moster, our Founding Partner, to discuss your potential lawsuit in detail including the underlying facts and any court papers which have been filed.  Mr. Moster will give you his assessment on the spot! 

Call Now. Free Consultation. Serving All Of Texas.



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