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Wind Energy A Texas Giant

By March 11, 2021May 6th, 2021No Comments

Wind Energy A Texas Giant

       Are you a first timer to wind energy or an experienced participant in this emerging industry?  Regardless, you know that Texas is a leader in wind power and renewable energy resources which goes hand in hand with our Oil & Gas industry.  Contrary to media hype, Texas is all about development of energy and we are open to more of it from any source. 

        Our clients in the Wind Energy Industry, Wind Turbines, and Wind Farms are in Austin, Dallas, Houston and throughout Texas.  Not all law firms practice in the legal area of Wind Energy and must acquire experienced Wind Energy attorneys who can provide the discrete services required.  If you are looking for Wind Energy Lawyers, the Moster Law Firm is here to help.

        If you are considering investing in a wind energy venture for the first time, it is critical that you receive the advice of an experienced wind energy attorney who practices in this legal area of wind farms, wind energy projects, and wind turbines.  Although developers do their best to present the complexities of the projects and challenges, you need seasoned legal advice to determine whether investment in this area is right for you.  The first step in the process is gaining an understanding of the legal and business issues which must be confronted in the development process.   This is a wide-ranging area which includes real estate law, land leases, environmental law, and tax aspects.  Our job as attorneys is to introduce you to the fundamentals which will guide you through the process from start to finish. 

        We also enjoy working with established participants in the wind energy area whether at the investment, acquisition, development, or generation stage.  Many of our clients have substantial experience in this area and seek guidance in a particular area which is problematic or challenging.  We love the challenge and are prepared to help.

        Give us a call for a complementary consultation.  We are as fast as the wind.


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